Dolomiti Alps Tour

23rd May - 1st June 2020
Sample Itinerary Below

We will pick you up from Milano airport at 10am. We head to our accommodation in Cossato at Albergo Tina, the base of Gruppetto Cycling Tours. We can then grab some lunch, head out for a 60km ride to open the legs up and catch up on whats been happening in the Giro before enjoying one of the most authentic Italian meals ever.

Today we will head to the town of Ivrea, our only Giro stage start for the trip. We will combine this into a beautiful 100km ride through Piemonte. Then back for lunch and off to Lago d'Como. If we are lucky we may bump into the race as they finish in Como. We will settle into our accom in Bellagio in the centre of this iconic lake for our two night stay.

After enjoying a fantastic breakfast on the terrace we will then head out for a partial lap of Lago d'Como. While the riders enjoy a well deserved rest day in the Giro we will head down the left of the leg of the lake. After 60km we will stop for lunch before catching a ferry back across the lake. We will then head up the famous Ghisallo to climb the peak where the museum and historic church is. Some can hang around for hours if they like or if you prefer head back down the climb and back to the hotel for a well deserved beer after this 115km loop. We can enjoy one more dinner on the shores of the lake. 

Today we start heading uphill and plenty of it. We will get a chance to ride up the famous Passo Gavia, depending on weather we will either watch the Giro pass through on this historic climb or descend over the top to our accom in Bormio to watch the finish of the stage on tv as the riders tackle the Mortorolo. This ride should only be a 60-80km ride but the 2500m+ will make up for it.

Now that we have watched the riders climb the Mortorolo, its our turn - rolling out of Bormio its a gentle roll down the road and thats where it stops. The Mortorolo will test us today. In all it will be another 60-80km ride but a tough one. Once the ride is done we head to the Dolomites - Canazai for two nights. On the way to our accom we will try and grab a glimpse of the Giro stage as it rolls its way to Austria.

Today is all about bike riding and we have all day to do it if thats what you like. We are in the heart of the Dolomites. Today we will tackle the Sella Ronda, a 65k loop with 2500m of climbing. There is the option to do a longer loop if people feel up to it, it will be a big day in the Dolomites for those guys that choose that but no doubt be filled with stories and plenty of stops. Then its  another nights stay in the Dolimites.

We will roll out of our hotel all down hill into the famous San Pellagrino climb. This 100km ride will take us up the back side of today finishing climb of the Giro. We get to watch the riders race up the final climb of the day before heading to our accom in Conegliano where we are for two nights. Conegliano is always a fav of guests and sure to deliver on the entertainment side of things.

Today wel will ride up the gorgeous Passo San Boldo climb and onto the stage finish near Feltre. This 100km ride is directly through the wine region where Prosseco is made. Once back in Conegliano you are in for a treat when we head to the Castle for dinner. Saturday in Conegliano can be a happening place so a few cheeky ones in town after dinner might be on the menu.

We can start the day with a short ride, rolling 40km before heading to Verona for the final stage of the Giro. It will be a big day in Verona up close to the race. Then we head back to our base in Cossato to rejoin Mama. It will be a Grande Festa for our last night with plenty of stories floating around.

Time to say goodbye, we will drop you at Milan airport at 10am and bid our farewells. Should be plenty of stories for you to reminisce on your way.