Welcome to Gruppetto Cycling Tours. Our customers tell us its the perfect mix of cycling, food & scenery…. Here, we don’t just promise a cycling holiday, we promise to change the very definition of what a cycling holiday should be….

This year the tour took in the Mortirolo, the Croce d'Aune, Passo Rolle & San Boldo Pass. Incredible cycling with some spectacular scenery.

With no doubt 2020 will be another spectacular route and we look forward to hearing the rumours that are likely to abound before the Giro organisers officially launch the route in November 2019.

Secure your spot now for either the Toscana Riviera Tour or the Dolomiti Alps Tour….

Hi Matt, what a trip! Mate, I can’t thank you, Willo, Simon, Josh, Dave & Macca enough. It was just epic. You guys all promised the world at the start of the tour & delivered on everything, it just exceeded all your promises.

I was hesitant prior to booking the tour regarding the price but it was worth every cent on the experience you guys all helped to provide so thanks so much again. From what everyone else on the trip said they share similar views to mine,

Mate, once again sincere thanks.

— Chris Coco